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Ananda is a freelance artist with 4-5 years of experience both in-house and remote. Clients include Axis Animation, Netflix, Riot Games, Atomhawk Design, Painting Practice. She is currently based in Seville, Spain, not too far from her hometown which is Malaga. She moved there after a couple of intense years in London and works mostly remotely these days. She like cats, videogames and cycling.


Camilo Bejarano is a visual designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. With 10 years of experience, he has been creating interactive experiences and illustration/animation projects for amazing clients and partners from around the world. Since 2016, he co-founded a small studio called The Little Labs, where he and his wife continue to provide creative solutions for a wide amount of clients.


Abi Daniels is a Houston born Illustrator & Designer currently living and working in Austin, Texas. Abi started her design career as a Concept Artist working for Sony Online Entertainment’s Gaming division but after several successful years painting abstract landscapes, space crafts, zombies and wookies, realized that she missed the wider world of illustration and design.


Daniel Irons is a Sydney born Aussie currently living and working as an Illustrator in NYC. In 1996, Daniel settled into the fashion industry as a Graphic Designer working alongside photographers such as Richard Avedon, Steven Klein & Steven Meisel. Daniel eventually left the world of fashion to focus on his passion for Illustration and Music, combining the two most recently in projects for numerous music festivals and the newly released Dirty Fences EP.


Lyejm Kallam-Lewis is a Seattle born animator and designer with a particular passion for lettering and typography with a love of graffiti and film. When not animating or working his numerous personal lettering & typography projects, he can be found designing and firing his own line of silver jewelry.


Brian Sensebe is a visual artist & designer based in New York City. Under the moniker OtherWorkNY, his work ranges from paintings & illustrations to branding & motion graphics.

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