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Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne England, after 20 years in New York he relocated to Los Angeles with his wife Jumee and son Leo.

Will was trained as a Graphic Designer, but if he's not in the studio he's either surfing, playing drums or drawing. Working with YewTree Press recent clients have included New York Times Magazine, Aesop, Gather Journal, Fast Company, Refinery 29, and more.


After moving from Brooklyn to the beach in LA county, Craig felt compelled to start documenting his surroundings. As an avid surfer and former skateboarder, he loves capturing candid action moments, with and without humans. He’s also severely inspired by the colors that present themselves during the golden hours of dusk & dawn.


In 2003, Jonathan McPhail seeded his career in Austin, TX where he began to work as a staff photographer for local music magazine, Rank and Revue. Jonathan moved to NYC in 2005 where he has progressed into many different fields of photography. Through the years, Jonathan has developed a true craft for capturing the essence of his subjects. He has used this craft to broaden his range into other areas of photography (weddings, events, food, product, etc.) 

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